A new use for the claddagh

You have probably seen the claddagh before whether you knew it or not. The claddagh ring is often used as a promise or engagement ring. The design consists of two hands holding a heart upon which rests a crown. It represents, love and friendship and loyalty. It is a familiar and much loved design in Ireland.

I recently came across an interesting upcycling of the claddagh when I was searching for an urn…more precisely, an urn for the ashes of a loved one. My search led me to an American company called The Irish Wake. It was started by the children of an Irish American woman, who could not find the product they wanted when their mother passed, and so, their company was created to fulfill that need.

The urns and boxes are made from marble, wood, and porcelain, although I think the wood boxes are the most beautiful. They all feature exclusive designs. Expect this to set you back several hundred dollars (which is a fraction of what a casket costs, btw, and I think much more environmentally responsible).

This photo shows the box The Irish Wake produces with the claddagh.


I absolutely love the simplicity of the design on this urn/box. I think it would be a fitting repository for any loved one’s remains.